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Top 10 Pix from Burma

Burma August 12-25, 2012

This is the last post from Burma... Here are my top 10 personal favorite photos that I took in Burma. Most of these photos appeared in past posts, and have included links to where it first appeared. I thought that it would be a nice recap of the country as a whole, and for me to see which photos mean the most to me and why. 

I have mentioned before that working everyday as a professional photographer, it is hard to keep up my creativity and inspiration. Being in Burma brought that all back for me and I looked forward to everyday and the new and beautiful things I would have the opportunity to shoot. From people and temples to reflections and rainbows, Burma brought my photographic inspiration back.

The below photos are not in any particular order...

Inle Lake: A typical hat worn by the people who live on the waters of Inle Lake. I love this photo for 2 reasons. First I love the hat itself. Clearly it is made from all natural materials and I am sure its design is for functionality to protect its wearer from the rain and sun, yet the design of it is creative with the button on the top and the straight sticks used to further segment each piece of wood, it is gorgeous. Secondly, I love the natural light and how it hits softly on the hat. It was hanging just next to a door and it was an overcast day so the light was soft and filtered.

Inle Lake: A woman spins the thread from a wheel to individual spools used for weaving. Again I love this photo for 2 reasons. I love seeing where clothes are made and how the craft of weaving is done. Most everyone in Burma, men included wear pieces of fabric around their waist and legs called longi's or on women sarongs... basically skirts. This house and family had several weaving looms where these fabrics were created from string into a beautiful woven fabric. I also love the light and expression on this womans face. The soft window light hitting her gentle face, and the distant look in her eye, all the while she is working which is seen from the blurred spinning wheel in the background.

Inle Lake: This is probably the most amazing rainbow I have ever seen. It was so low to the ground and so vivid and vibrant, and it was even a double rainbow at one point. The effect of both the dark storm clouds and rain on one side of the lake and the other side with its nice crisp afternoon light was fantastic. I did wish I had a long lens so I could get the boats and fishermen up close right against the bright colors of the spectrum, but I only had my favorite 50mm and a wide angle. I think I did alright despite the lack of the perfect lens for the situation. Ah choices one must make whilst travelling.

Bagan: This woman is also part of a family that weaves, she just happens to be taking a break to take a puff of her traditional Burmese cigarette.

Bagan: I love this photo for the beauty of the temple, the red brick and the golden towers against the bright blue sky. Plus I love how some of the birds are just chilling out on the temple and some are flying, it adds life and contrasts the ancient still temple.

Bagan: This scene is the vision I had in my mind of Burma. Mountains, trees and scattered temples on the misty horizon. I got the effect of the sharp and detailed foreground by using the HDR technique.

Yangon: This gorgeous little girl was selling cards. They were really lovely, hand painted cards and I bought a few from her, she said I was "a very good customer". The market in Yangon was filled with these smooth talking children that should probably be in school, but are selling anything they can to the tourists in the market, and I am telling you they strike a hard bargain!

Yangon: I love this photo because of its composition, mood and color. I love the framing that I had through the window of the restaurant out onto the street. I love the 50mm f1.4 lens I was using that puts only her hands and what is in them in focus. I love where I was at that moment... we ran out of the rain into this restaurant and ordered to this day one of the best noodle soups I have ever had. Out on the street people went about their day despite the monsoon downpour. Venders continued to sell their goods in shelter by buildings and people went to and from work.

Yangon: This image was taken from the Shwendagon Pagoda in Yangon. As I have mentioned before I loved getting creative with all the jeweled and glass finishes on the temples and had such a great time with the reflections. And again, gotta love the 50mm!

Yangon: I love the imperfect symmetry of this old truck, the Burmese script on the license plate, the antique and rusted truck itself and especially the rag in the corner adding a surprise piece of color. The rag also  brings me back to the modern day and although this truck is from a time passed it is still being maintained and cared for today. Plus it reminds me of Cuba and I love Cuba!

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