Friday, December 30, 2016

Beautiful Indonesia: The People of Sumba

Sumba. Located in Indonesia near Sumbawa and Flores, I was lucky to visit about 10 years ago, and to this day I think back on what a wonderful experience it was. The people, the culture, the humanity of the experience provided me with photos and memories that still live on today. The people were so warm and curious and the culture so authentic. Although I was an outsider the people were welcoming and happy to have us in their village, adults and children tagging along and showing us their toys and prized possessions, as well as their skills with weaving, it was a pleasure all around.

I was able to do this village visit through a resort called Nihiwatu. Through them they have a charity called the Sumba Foundation and have helped the island and surrounding villages immensely bringing in medical professionals to donate their time for eye, dental and general medical care, they have been able to provide mosquito nets to cut down on malaria, help with clean water supplies and also have brought in tourism to give jobs to the people of the surrounding villages.

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