Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Burmese Pottery: Journey to the Caribbean

Being one who travels to some of the most remote and culturally rich places on earth, I have come across some unique artwork and handicrafts. I have been tempted by these works of art from the East to the West. 

Some of the top places I have felt overwhelmed by the uniqueness and beauty of the local art are: 

Paintings of old cars and life in Havana, Cuba
Ceramics in Toledo, Spain
The famous Murano glass in Venice, Italy
The woodwork in Indonesia
The stone replicas of the Bayon faces in Angkor Wat, Cambodia
The textiles and silk work in Thailand

I would have quite an eclectic collection of artwork from all over the world by now if I had not been faced with dragging these items with me through all my travels and moves!

In Burma there are some amazing handicrafts and markets. The pottery featured here is from near Bagan, the area where all the ruins of the ancient temples lie. This is where I fell to temptation and I purchased the green bowl, and little owl you see here. I hauled these with me back to Bangkok where they ware stored while I went to Indonesia, then carried them with me to Hawaii and back here to Cayman. The owl made it just fine, but not at all to my surprise, the person in the middle of the green bowl had broken off. Luckily a little superglue fixed that right up and I could get on with the big plans I had for it. I filled both of them with lucky bamboo and gave them both away as gifts.

This piece I gave to my good friends as a little wedding gift. Their wedding was the main event in my trip to Bali. (blog post on this affair will be posted soon!) I was a little sad saying bye to this one as it was such a mission to carry with me, it being so fragile, but well worth the mission.

This cute and wise owl made me think of my friend who is pregnant, and thought it would make a cute little decoration for the baby's room.

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