Monday, September 17, 2012

Yangon's City Streets

Yangon, Burma
August 11-25, 2012

The streets of Yangon were quite an adventure to explore. 

The streets are filled with vendors, markets and people going about their business.  (see my previous post on the markets and street food!) I saw the below little guy wearing this angry birds shirt and thought it was pretty ironic considering how isolated Burma seems to be yet he is wearing the trendy online app game.  

The architecture is a melancholy reminiscence of the English colonization mixed with the current crumbling political situation.

These two photos are some of the rustic inspiration Jenny uses in her interior designs.

Along with the crumbling city streets there are the many Buddhist structures and statues that are very visually scattered around the city. The below pagoda is the city center where the Yangon road grid system is based around.

The place we stayed was ironically named the White House. It was tiled the entire 7 floors head to toe. This budget hotel had a very nice proprietor who helped organize transport and exchange the imperfect US bills we kept getting thrown back in our faces. Not only did it have wifi (weak as it was) they also had a breakfast buffet that would give some of the better hotels a run for their money. Although the rooms are small and a bit musty it was a bit of a refuge for us in Yangon.

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