Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shwendagon Pagoda

Yangon, Burma
August 11-25, 2012

I did a brief post about this amazing pagoda a few weeks back on my other blog but want to share more of the photos I took from that day. 

This is one of the biggest paya's or temples her ein Myanmar. The Shwedagon Paya is the most special to the people of Myanmar and most hope to visit it at some point in their life. It has a very interesting history and is a beautiful place to visit.

As for the photography of it, it was a bit of an overcast day so seeing as how I am on vacation and can do whatever I want in the photography department (YAY!) I decided to play around with the HDR effects in Photoshop. This brings details into the washed out overcast sky, and also brings out the details in the shadows, as well as adds texture and more color saturation. I think it looked amazing to the naked eye but looks pretty spectacular with the HDR effects.

Jenny and I got into the religious atmosphere with the Reclining Buddha.

The paya was filled with things that made it sparkle... gold, mirrors etc. I had good fun with the reflections in the mirrors and got a little creative with the reflections. 

It is just incredible how much detail and how ornate this temple is, quite stunning and well worth the visit.

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