Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The People of Bagan

Bagan, Burma
August 15-20, 2012

Bagan and the surrounding rural area are populated by primarily farmers. 


Horse and carriage is still a very popular mode of transport. I did feel bad for some of the horses tho, they looked so skinny.

I thought this map was quite cool to see the States and Caribbean in written Burmese. It is such a neat script!


  1. These pictures are absolutely sensational, wow!!!!!

  2. Thank you Andi! It is such an inspiring place for photography. Everyday I looked forward to shooting.

  3. LOVE these shots! I love the simple beauty of your shots!! How long were you in Burma?

  4. Thank you! I was in Burma for 2 weeks. I do weddings and portraits for a living but nothing compares to taking photos that you are interested in and inspired by, I feel like that is where my true talents shine through. I am trying to make a move to Bali next year so I can have a balance of doing photography to make a living, but living in Bali, a culturally rich and vibrant place.