Monday, November 14, 2016

Yoga in Bali: The Human Body, The Scenery and The Serenity

In recent years Bali has evolved into a thriving center for yoga. From seasoned yogies and beautiful yoga studios with killer views, to the fresh faced yoga instructors that have just completed their teacher training course, there is a perfect place for every yogi who visits and lives in Bali.

My good friend Andy became a Yoga instructor recently and what a great time to celebrate that killer toned body and her newly perfected postures with a photoshoot with Heather Holt Photography Bali! We had a beautiful backdrop in the Canggu rice fields, a stunning evening with a gorgeous sunset.

Some of my personal favorite places to practice in the Canggu area are:

Desi Seni
The Practice

Many of these places offer a variety of daily yoga classes, teacher trainings, accommodation, and some even have healthy cafes attached, perfect for a post practice snack or juice.

Heather Holt Photography Bali loves doing yoga shoots and with the diverse backgrouds here in Bali we can get some awesome photos. Please do inquire if you are interested and here are a few other links to shoots I have done in the past:

Bliss Yoga
Yoga Photos Around the Rock
A Blissful Sunset with the Yogis
Prenatal Bliss Yoginis

Check out my full portfolio on my website here.

With a place as scenic as Bali, it is hard to not take advantage of the natural beauty and agriculture here. The rice paddies of Bali are some of the most beautiful on earth sprawling all over the island. They have even been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Thanks for a great shoot! And thank you Canggu Bali for being so beautiful.

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