Monday, June 26, 2017

Vagabond Dogs Luxury Accessories

A few months ago I had the honor to photograph the lifestyle portraits for Vagabond Dogs Luxury Accessories. Not only was the venue modern, clean and chic, the pack we worked with were adorable and well behaved. But the real stars, the products themselves are to die for!! Beautifully designed by Ted and Nelly, and  hand made in Bali, these puppy accessories have just been launched in California and are available now. The best part? Once Vagabond Dogs is up and running they are committed to giving back to real dogs in need. Love the product and love a good cause. 

I will let them explain more about who the are and where they came from and feel free to check out their website and social media linked on this page. Enjoy!

"I’m having a drink at my favorite cafe right now.  Watching three dogs play:  it’s simplicity in life that we knew as young kids.  We slowly get more complicated and off-track.  Dogs know when they give love, it always resonates back with hugs, belly rubs, food and greater love.  The happiest people I meet around the world have learned to keep things very much uncomplicated and many have found dogs in their life.    
A constant reminder of simplicity & love.    

I’m Ted.  My partner is Nelly.  We met later in life.   Both ricocheted through a crazy childhood;  a good crazy.  Nelly in London then southern California.  Myself in the New York City underground.  Vagabond-Dogs is our design company.  It’s our vehicle for the exquisite redistribution of focus directly to dogs that need help through advocacy & charity.  We’re building a network of advocates; giving needed media attention to people who devote their time helping dogs through adoption awareness, education, abuse spotlight, dog civil service options and the latest health research including diet.
We’re finalizing our Dog Advocacy Network now!  If you know someone who needs support please contact us:"

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Many thanks!
Ted & Nelly

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated.”   -Mahatma Gandhi

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