Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Yi Peng: Thailand's Brightest Festival

In late October/early November there is a festival held in Northern Thailand that will make every photographer's eyes water. The Yi Peng festival is a religious festival that pays homage to the lord Buddha. This is celebrated by lighting lanterns, making a wish, and letting them fly into the sky. 

In the afternoon people flood to the festival grounds and are greeted by volunteers singing songs of welcome. Many people get there early to stake out a good seat. Especially the photographers! There were photos been taken left, right and center!

Once all the processionals were seated and the prayers finished it was finally time to light off the lanterns. We did three lightings as a group and wow.  It was like nothing I have ever experienced. 

After the closing ceremonies the monks left the site. However that didn't stop the lanterns, we enjoyed the ongoing light display as we fought the crowds to leave the festival grounds, and I am sure they continued to be set off long after we left.

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  1. These are stunning. Always love looking at your blog. Well done Holt!