Sunday, April 16, 2017

Silvia - The Life of a Digital Nomad

My good friend Silvia Puchovska needed some photos for her blog, her brand and her public profile. She has been making a living for herself as a "digital nomad", the buzz word for todays ingenious people who can work from their laptop anywhere in the world and make money. Silvia has decided to base herself largely in Bali due to her love of surfing, however gets many of her clients from her home country of Slovakia. She has made such a name for herself that she is being featured on one of Slovakia's hit TV stations on Wednesday and well as other well known publications that will be out very soon! Stay tuned for details on that.

Here are some links to Silvia's lifestyle:

Linked In

I was honored to be asked by Silvia to be her photographer, and even more honored to know my photos will be published in so many countries in print, television and social media. Silvia was just featured on one of Slovakia's biggest television channels, Markiza! She has posted a link to the interview on her facebook, great job Silvia!

I also want to give a shout out to the clothing designer that designed Silvia's cloths for our photo shoots, Isa Lavilla, check out her amazing clothing brand on her website:

Having started my business here in Bali I have been doing many solo portrait sessions for people who want head shots for their work showcasing their working from home/digital nomad lifestyle and also portraits for tourists that want awesome shots of themselves in beautiful Bali.

If you are interested in doing a fun photoshoot here in Bali please don't hesitate to contact me! The thing about Bali is that there are an endless amount of amazing backdrops, many of which I myself have not even discovered yet.

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