Monday, March 6, 2017

Umah Nyepi Part 2: Endless Land for a Jungle Stroll

Last October Heather Holt Photography Bali posted one of the past shoots of a Umah Nyepi, a stunning villa set back in the jungle of Ubud.

Umah Nyepi Part 1: A Peaceful Villa in the Jungle of Ubud

She has since gone back to do a few updated photos of the grounds. The property owner added some lovely totem wood carving statues that greet you upon entering the serene villa, and also he converted the plot of land next to the villa from jungle, to a large lawn with a cobblestone walkway circumventing the open space. With a fountain in the center, you are surrounded by bamboo, lush greenery, rice fields and mountains in the distance. This multi-use open space can be used to just get away and take a quiet walk, or it can be rented for weddings or parties. 

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